Thursday, 7 February 2013

Introduction & about me


So im new to this blogging stuff, at least apart from the one i did for college, which to tell you the truth i did'nt really give much thought in to. I am creating this blog as an online diary, something i can reflect back on, now and in the future. It would be nice to share the journey with anyone who is interested in starting a business within the DREADED fashion industry. Although not many people succeed I believe if you work hard enough and keep your mind focused and the dream always there, you can achieve anything!
About me
My true passion is for womenswear and although im one for going out there and following your dreams Im also one for knowing when the competition is that tight there is no way on earth I could possibly compete with all the young university graduates and up and coming Fashion designers, whom are propably located in the fashion capital of the world 'LONDON' and im located in probablys the CHAV capital of the world 'Sunderland'! even though i am proud of where i come from, lets put it this way im not going to be the next Vivienne Westwood selling clothes on the sunderland high street west. So I need a plan of action!!!